Pest infestations are all too common in New York City. If your house or apartment is being infested by pests, let Yorkers Pest Control Inc. help you. At Yorkers Pest Control Inc, we offer professional pest control in New York City that will eliminate pests in no quickly! Whether you want to eliminate a current infestation or preventing a future one, our exterminators in New York City can rid your home of any pest problem. Our NYC pest control services target many insects such as:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Centipedes
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Stinging insects
  • Biting insects
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Bed Bugs
  • And more!

Quality Pest Control Service from Start to Finish | 845.813.0580

We are proud to offer quality pest control in NYC that is both thorough and effective. When you partner with us for New York City pest control treatments, we will:

  • Send a certified exterminator in New York City to thoroughly inspect your home to identify entryways, exit points, and potential problem areas.
  • Share the findings of our inspection with you and create a customized pest control treatment based on the needs of your home.
  • Effectively eliminate your pest infestation and give you the fast relief you desire.
  • Implement recurring visits to your home for treatments to ensure pests don’t come back!

About Our Pest Control in New York City |845.813.0580

David Zubby is the owner and operator of Yorkers Pest Control Inc., headquartered in Inwood,  New York. This is a highly regarded Exterminator company in Nassau County. Dave was trained in Pest Control and is a professional licensed Exterminator.

Some of the services Yorkers Pest Control Inc. provides include: Specialized Pest Control and Bed Bug Services as well as Termite Inspection and Extermination.

When it comes to providing expert Exterminator services, nothing takes the place of experience. Dave began working in Pest Control 14 years ago and started Yorkers Pest Control Inc. in 2013. Driven by his heart to help others, Dave found a way to tackle Brooklyn and the surrounding 5 boroughs with the best Pest Control Services in New York. 

One of Yorkers Pest Control Inc.’s  goals is to provide their New York City clients with professional, high quality, and affordable services. People often choose Yorkers Pest Control Inc. for Exterminator services because Yorkers Pest Control Inc. is Knowledgeable, Personable and we are Experts at exterminating pests.

The result, one of the most successful Exterminator companies in Inwood!

Get Instant Relief with our Emergency Services | 845.813.0580

Can’t wait any longer to get rid of pests? Have no fear! At Yorker Pest Control Inc., we offer 24-hour emergency pest control in New York City. We are proud to help alleviate your pest problems quickly around the clock. You shouldn’t have to wait for relief from pests and with us, you won’t have to.

Termite Control in New York City | 845.813.0580

Termites are bad news for any homeowner. Although not as dangerous as stinging insects or spiders or as obvious as rodents, these insects can be destructive to homes and businesses. In fact, U.S. homeowners often spend $5 billion each year on termite treatment and repairs—meaning that these little pests can be a big problem for your home, wallet, and peace of mind. 

If you need quality termite control in New York City, you need Yorkers Pest Control Inc.. For over four decades, we’ve been protecting homes just like yours from termites with our guaranteed and eco-friendly New York City termite treatments. Call us today at 845.813.0580 to get ready to take back your home from these damaging and expensive invaders!

We Eliminate Termites & Prevent Their Return | 845.813.0580

You don’t want to gamble with your New York City termite treatments—the cost of living is expensive enough without having to add wasting money on ineffective treatment plans! Having served New York for over 40 years, your friends at Yorkers Pest Control Inc. get that better than anyone. When you partner with us for termite control in New York City, you can expect a job done right:

  • We’ll start with a termite inspection to assess your home’s situation and needs
  • After that, we’ll exterminate the termite colony 
  • Finally, we’ll use preventative treatments to keep your home secured against future termite infestations. 
  • On top of this, you’ll get our one-year-warranty, so you can be rest-assured that your home is protected.

Eliminate Bed Bugs in New York City | 845.813.0580

Once bed bugs have been discovered in your home, the thought of spending another night sharing a bed with them can be daunting. If you are ready for instant relief, Yorkers Pest Control Inc. is here to help. We offer bed bug extermination in New York City to eliminate your infestation in just one treatment, so you can get back to sleeping peacefully in no time!

With our experience eliminating bed bugs, our exterminators in New York City have what it takes to tackle even the toughest infestations. With a variety of treatment options to choose from, we are sure our New York City bed bug services will work for you! Our New York City bed bug control services include:

  • A free home inspection from a licensed professional exterminator
  • A variety of treatment options including liquid, heat, and steam to help us find the best option for you and your needs
  • Follow-up treatments to keep your home protected 
  • A satisfaction guarantee to promise you the results you deserve

Rodent Control in New York City |845.813.0580

Rats and mice can easily enter your home through holes as small as a dime. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get rid of these pests once they’ve entered. These evasive creatures make their nests deep inside your home, making it nearly impossible to find them, not to mention eliminate them. Rather than battle a rodent infestation on your own, trust the rodent extermination experts at Yorkers Pest Control Inc.. Our rodent control in New York City works quickly to eradicate unwanted rodents, helping you reclaim your home.


When you partner with Yorkers Pest Control Inc. for rodent control in New York City, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive inspection: One of our highly-trained rodent exterminators will inspect every corner of your home to accurately determine the severity of the infestation.
  • Customized treatment: No two rodent infestations are the same, so neither are our treatments. We tailor our approach to fit the needs of your home and your family.
  • Effective trapping and baiting: We’ll strategically place traps and bait in places rodents frequent to safely and effectively eliminate them.
  • Preventative rodent-proofing: Once we eliminate rodents, we’ll ensure they can’t come back by sealing off all potential entry points.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: If you are unsatisfied for any reason after our service, we’ll work hard to make things right.

Wildlife Control in New York City | 845.813.0580

Are squirrels, raccoons, or bats getting too close for comfort? Although wildlife is fine from a distance, nobody likes when wild, hungry animals encroach on their personal space. In fact, many of New York’s animals can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your household, becoming aggressive when disturbed and causing serious damage to your property in their quest for a way indoors. If wildlife is getting close to your home or family, protect yourself and your pets by contacting the experts at Yorkers Pest Control Inc. for wildlife control in New York City. Get rid of invasive animals the safe way with the help of certified professionals. 

Safe and Effective Wildlife Removal—Guaranteed! | 845.813.0580

When dealing with potentially aggressive wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, or bats, proper training and experience is key. At Yorkers Pest Control Inc., our professionals receive specialized training to ensure they can safely and effectively get rid of wildlife from your home or property. With the following services, our experts will keep you safe from the dangers of invasive wildlife:

  • A detailed inspection of your home to detect access points and risk factors.
  • Treatment specialized with your unique situation in mind.
  • A wide variety of treatment options including trapping and exclusion 
  • 24-hour wildlife removal for emergencies where you need help fast.
  • Follow-up inspections and free re-treatments as necessary if problems persist. 

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